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Stealing celebrity style for your own Christmas party

celebrity styleThis time of year is so much fun for fashion-lovers, particularly as the party season kicks in and the opportunities to rock an evening wardrobe suddenly multiply! But how can you create your own killer outfit that gets plenty of attention… for all the right reasons? Celebrity style is a great place to look for ideas and inspiration; after all, Hollywood celebs have an entire legion of stylists and personal dressers at their beck and call!

Not just designer
Remember that it isn’t essential to splash out on designer threads to create a stunning look. In fact, some of the leading high street stores are now extremely hot on fast fashion and catwalk-worthy party pieces at affordable prices. If you’ve seen the increasing number of designer collaborations happening with popular brands, you’ll know that the high street is the place to go.

The perfect mix
Of course, the most stylish people tend to create their own look using a really broad range of sources and influences. For example, they will buy good quality staple pieces from designer ranges for the quality cuts and fabrics, but buy accessory items and fast fashion pieces from the high street. You can then mix in vintage and one-off items that have been re-worked for a modern look. This approach can work brilliantly. For example, you could buy a classic little black dress from a designer store and be able to wear it for years, match it with some catwalk inspired seasonal trend shoes from the high street and throw in an original vintage belt or cape to create a truly original look.

Essential items for party style
A good coat or wrap is essential for adding to your party outfit, especially if you need to travel to your destination. Why not try a soft woollen cape with a cashmere finish, a sharp leather jacket with a fitted cut, or a long and flowing coat to make a statement. For the latest styles and colours, check this post out. Try a bolder colour than usual for a new look – perhaps a deep jewel inspired sapphire green or royal blue – or a crisp winter white which can be very flattering to the complexion on cold days.

Finishing touches
Not just confined to the wardrobes of rockstars, sunglasses are now a year-round staple for fashionistas! Check out the latest top picks from Forbes magazine, including a nod to one of the current trendiest brands.
A hat can also transform an outfit and make it unique. Why not try a French inspired beret, a bold coloured trilby or a hat that floats your personal style boat. Remember to pay attention to your nails and other finishing touches – cracked mosaic finishes or neon styles are funky and fresh. Consider coloured or patterned tights, a statement bag and some great jewellery – all of which can totally transform and update an old favourite outfit, without breaking the bank.


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