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Sublimation and customization – reimagining the humble baseball jersey

Injecting a much-needed flare into the traditional baseball jersey, sublimation by Brad Hall & Co. allows for the kind of artistic freedom that has been missing from the diamond. This technique, while gaining steam on playing surfaces of all kinds, still remains less well-known than other methods of team uniform design like screen-printing.

Custom hockey jerseys have also benefited from the upgrade of colour and crispness in the manufacture of uniforms and sports apparel. Brad Hall & Co. uses advanced equipment to faithfully reproduce all manner of imagery on products like soccer and hockey jerseys. Sublimation enables the designer to incorporate stunningly real graphics that go beyond traditional flat visuals. By using tonal gradation, a baseball jersey can feature lifelike images that can truly be considered a piece of art. Graphics such as animals are much easier and cheaper to reproduce than with screen-printing, which requires a separate screen for every different colour.

With sublimation, there is nothing to limit the range of colours and shades. With screen-printing, on the other hand, your creativity is curbed by the limitations of the method, including an inability to render fades and shading. Custom hockey jerseys can quickly lose their crispness over time, as logos and numbers crack or peel through repeated contact. Since the ink sits atop the hockey or baseball jersey itself, it is prone to damage long before the garment needs to be replaced. The cost to setup a screen-printing run then must be re-incurred.

Sublimation changes things dramatically by infusing the design with the actual garment – there is no vulnerable layer of ink to worry about and the setup cost associated with creating more custom hockey jerseys, for example, is minimized by re-accessing the original design file. Brad Hall & Co. can even recreate customers’ designs on hockey jerseys or other team ware, if those customers are interested in seeing their artwork immortalized.

Brad Hall Custom Baseball Jersey has over 35 years of experience producing uniforms and apparel for sports teams and organizations. Visit to discover a wealth of creative opportunities for hockey jerseys and much more.

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