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The comfort of custom dress shirts meets the convenience of online

Not so long ago, custom dress shirts used to warrant a trip to the tailor. And while this might be a perfectly acceptable arrangement for some, the modern man has come to expect more convenience out of his shopping experience. Fortunately, customizable dress shirts available online have led to some serious alterations in the way things are done.

Online custom shirts also represent a drastic departure from the in-store shopping experience, where inconveniences like crowds, lineups, limited supply and pre-determined fits are commonplace. Here, if you are lucky enough to come across an appealing style or design, the low chances of finding it in your size mean you’ll probably end up settling for something poor fitting. Custom dress shirts, on the other hand, complement your body’s every nuance and dimension, producing the kind of comfort and confidence available only in dress shirts made to your exact specifications.

Extending the satisfaction of custom shirts to a wider audience of men, icustomshirts has kept things simple. By following an intuitive design and sizing process online, you can be in the driver’s seat for a change: choose a fabric, make style decisions for the shirt’s many features, add subtle details for true customization and size the finished product according to one of three simple and accurate methods.

Once your specifications have been saved, you can easily order new custom dress shirts at any time in the future. Substitute in new patterns using a long list of options like gingham, herringbone and plaid, or play with colour to suit a different occasion. Behind the scenes at icustomshirts an experienced tailor brings those custom shirts to fruition, working to the exacting standards you would expect to find in a tailoring shop.

Visit i Custom Shirts to discover the exceptional style and comfort built into tailor-made dress shirts alongside the exceptional convenience of online ordering.

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