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All Natural Nail Polish Stay As Long?

When it comes to nails, women love to cover them in colorful and beautiful polish to show them off. However, as many products on the market these days contain chemical based ingredients, it’s very important to choose a nail polish that doesn’t have any harmful effect on your health, and also on those around you or our planet.

Let’s have a close look at reasons why all natural nail polish is the best polish that you should use every time you paint:

* Your health – Usually nail polish available on the market contains so many chemicals that are very harmful to the people. For instance, Toulene can affect your nervous system and DBP (Dibutyl Phtalate) can even cause cancer. Unless you choose a natural nail polish, you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to harmful ingredients.

* The environment
– The chemicals we mentioned above are just some of the harmful ingredients in the nail polish. When they are harmful to us, they are also harmful to our environment. Consider how this nail polish is made, and how it pollutes our environment.

* No smell
– The worst thing about the conventional nail polish is its overpowering aroma. The scent is so strong that it can cause headache when used in any enclosed space. That’s due to the smell of chemicals it contains. All natural nail polish is completely odor free.

* Kids should not use it – chemical-laden nail polishes should not be used for or by kids. Sadly, many cosmetics are now marketed to our kids and youth. In fact, many little girls now want colorful nails. The best option is all natural nail polish as it has all natural ingredients.

* Your nails – With all that you’ve just learned about chemical based nail polish, what do you think is the best option for your nails? Most of the conventional nail polishes might actually make your nails brittle and dry them out with repeated use. You already know how your nails turn yellow if you don’t stop using nail polish. That’s the way your nails want to say, stop coating us with this poison!

Convinced Yet?


Even popular fashion and style gurus and celebrities have begun making the switch to natural and organic products, as you can read about on the popular Beauty Addict blog. Considering all the reasons above, and with a huge selection of quality organic and all natural nail polish at, it’s really a no-brainer. If you do not choose your nail polish responsibly, you may not only end up harming your nails, but health as well. So, choose natural products and keep yourself and your planet healthy and happy!

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