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How to Tell if You Need Narrow Women’s Shoes

The right footwear is essential to your comfort and your overall foot health. You don’t just want your shoes to look good; they also need to feel good on your feet and provide the right support. Without the right support, you could suffer from a number of foot injuries and at best just feel plain uncomfortable when you walk.

One key to selecting the right footwear is knowing whether you need narrow shoes. Your shoe size is not just a number. It also takes into account whether you need a regular width or you have narrow or wide feet. Getting the right width is just as important as getting the right numbered size.

Here are a few ways that you can tell you might need narrow women’s shoes:

You Get Blisters and Other Ailments
When you have narrow feet, wearing a shoe that is not designed with a narrow width can mean that your shoes slip on your feet while you walk. This can lead to blisters all over your feet, such as on the heel, the sides, and even the bottoms of your feet.  You can also get corns, calluses and all kinds of other foot problems. If you’re experiencing these issues, it’s time to look at your shoes and see what might be causing them, including the width of your shoes. Narrow women’s shoes might be the solution to these problems.

You Experience Pain
Ill-fitting shoes can also cause pain in your feet. When your shoes don’t fit properly, they don’t provide the right support, and that can put a strain on the tendons and ligaments in your feet. If you have narrow feet, then wearing narrow women’s shoes can give you the support you need where you need it. Your feet will be cradled, and you won’t have to worry about pronation or poor support for your arches. Your shoes will stay right where you need them.

You Measured Your Foot
The easiest way to know if you need narrow women’s shoes is to measure your foot and find out what size they are. To do so, you must measure the widest part of your foot, which is near the top of your foot, just under your toes. Then compare this number to sizing charts to find out what width you need. Even if you determine that you need narrow women’s shoes, there are still a number of sizes. Not all narrow shoes are the same width. Some are narrower than others. Make sure you have the right width. Buying narrow women’s shoes will protect your feet and give you footwear that feels comfortable and looks great.

Learn more about narrow women’s shoes by shopping with online retailers and browsing the options that are available. You might be surprised to find that there are a number of fashionable options in narrow women’s shoes so you can look great and feel great at the same time.


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