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Summer Fashion Tips for Women for 2014

images (3)How to dress during summer season of 2014? This is a question which every lady asks. It is certainly complicated to discover your way around the many different styles set by designers from around the world. Consider some primary design tips which will help you to discover the right design for you and look fantastic every time you go out.

Show Some Skin

Do not be scared to put on mini skirts, shorts and shirt clothing. The summer time is all about displaying off with your best resources. The short tops which expose a small strip of your stomach are a large hit at present. They are great for paring with the high waist short-skirts which have been a total hit since last year. These clothing are ideal for women of all dimensions such as plus-size women. Remember to remove the sleeves as well. The sleeveless tops always make you look slimmer and hotter as well. The dresses and tops with spaghetti straps are always fashionable, but you should consider the strapless designs for the most eye-catching look.

Get inspired by the 90’s

The style of the early nineties is making a large return during summer season of 2014. The short overalls rules the field right now. The denims designs are totally chick and so are the ones made from thin breathable materials. The shorts as well as overalls and mini skirts go incredibly well with white free-flowing cotton tops and shirts. The knit tops are back again and go fantastically with more casual shorts and denims and with skirts. The knits are big so you will really get to demonstrate even more skin. Again, these tops are free-flowing and extremely comfortable to put on. The short sundresses along with thin straps are returning again. Their primary design will make you a very lively and girly look. One of the cool facts about these clothing is that they can be well matched with any type of t-shirt.

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