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Top Picks in Birthday Party Venues for Kids

You may have a very good reason why you’d prefer holding your child’s birthday party outside your home. Maybe your home simply isn’t large enough, perhaps you’d like to do something special or maybe your child has asked that the party be held somewhere else. Here are some of the most popular birthday party places you may like to consider.

A Community Center
If a lack of space is why you can’t host a party at your home, find out if there are communities centers in your town for hire. The typical community center does hire space for parties and events and the price is usually very affordable. Just remember that you will be responsible for leaving the hall in the same condition it was in before your party. Ask the parents of your attendees if they’d be willing to help you clean up after the party.

A Family Entertainment Center
The typical city will have some type of family entertainment center that is available for rent. Look for such a facility near you that offers the type of fun activities your child and friends enjoy. For instance, if your child and his or her friends like to play putt-putt golf, find a center nearby that has a miniature golf course available. If you cannot afford to rent such a center, plan your party so that it takes place on a weekday. This way, there shouldn’t be big crowds to contend with.

Roller Rink
Every child loves rollerskating! One of the most popular birthday party places to use is an indoor roller rink. Again, if you can’t afford to rent the entire rink for a couple of hours, plan your party for a day during the week when the roller rink won’t be so busy. Most roller rinks have music, snacks and drinks available for sale so all you’d need to take along is the birthday cake!

Dance Studio

Holding your child’s birthday party at a dance studio is a great idea. Try to find a dance studio near you that offers lessons for kids. Once you find one, give the management a call to see if they’d be willing to let you use the studio for a small fee. Also find out if the studio would provide a group dance lesson for your child and his/her friends.

Pizza Parlor
What child doesn’t love eating pizza? A great place to hold a kid’s birthday party is at a kid-friendly pizza parlor. It would be best to hire a pizzeria for a couple of hours so the kids at your party don’t disturb other diners. Some pizza parlors offer special prices to people who wish to celebrate with them so take a look around your area to see if you can find one of these pizzerias.

City Swimming Pool
Many public swimming pools rent their facilities out for special events. If you do choose to hold the party at a pool, be sure to invite the parents along so you won’t have to play lifeguard to a group of rambunctious children. Remember to inform the kids and their parents on the invitations that they’ll need to bring along swim suits and towels as you don’t want any attendees to be left out of the fun because they didn’t arrive prepared.

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