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A Little History Behind the Rolex Milgauss

rolex1The Rolex Milgauss shot to fame not because of its deservedly laudable construction or even its somewhat strange appearance but because of its upsurge in late popularity, especially after being spotted on Daniel Craig, the actor who played James Bond.

The Milguass is one of a kind when it comes to “tool watch” models. Built to withstand high electromagnetic impulses, the name of the watch came from the Latin “mille” which means one thousand and “Gauss,” a standard unit of measurement for electromagnetic fields. The watch is built to withstand up the 1,000 Gauss, or about 10 times the power of an iron magnet.

Choosing Your Rolex Watch
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The Dawn of the Milgauss
While this watch is most famous for its association with Daniel Craig and James Bond, the Milgauss was actually introduced long before the spy hero, in 1956. It was originally designed to withstand magnetic fields encountered by scientists or engineers, a problem that put other watches out of commission. The Milgauss movement was protected by a special metal alloy casing that deflected electromagnetic waves.

Despite the incredible construction of this watch, Rolex never marketed it as much as the Submariner or the Explorer. This may have been because in order to understand what the watch was really up to, you had to have a working knowledge of electromagnetic fields–not something that most average buyers would have possessed. The model was dropped from the line in 1988, seen as a relative failure like the early Daytona.

Bringing it Back
However, the Milgauss made a huge comeback in 2007 with a new look including an orange second hand that looked like a lightning bolt. While this new look is not for everyone, many people found it galvanizing, to say the least.

It was not until Daniel Craig was spotted wearing a vintage Milgauss, however, that the general public began to sit up and take notice. Craig’s Milgauss made it on to the red carpet for the premiere of one of his James Bond films and the stampede for vintage Milgauss models has not stopped since.

Besides its popularity, the Milgauss provides protection from magnetization, making it a truly useful watch for those who work in lab settings.


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